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Stickman Crazy Box

You are welcome to participate in interesting mini-games in the Stickman Crazy Box. Run, race your automobile, or fight the other three players to win.

The allure of mini-games

This game captivates you with its 20 intriguing mini-games, each providing a unique and engaging experience. Here are some fascinating mini-games I'd like to recommend:

Karaoke: In this mini-game, you grab a microphone and demonstrate your singing abilities. The goal is straightforward. The longer you hold the microphone and sing, the higher your score will rise. As time runs out, the one with the greatest score emerges triumphant. The competitive nature of this mini-game adds to the excitement as players attempt to surpass their friends and become the ultimate singing sensation.

Hit and Run: To play this mini-game, use your hammer to hit the target boards. These target boards appear across the playing area, so you must sprint around to hit them. The number of target boards determines your final score. To win, you must destroy the most hammers.

Ghost Night: At the start of the mini-game, you must sprint around the playing area to avoid the ghost. If you are the final survivor on the field, you will be the winner. However, if you collide with the ghost, you will transform into the ghost. At this point, you must chase other players to turn them into ghosts. If all of the players become ghosts, you will win.

TNT Wars: To explode TNT boxes in this mini-game, you must stop and toss them at other players. The number of adversaries you eliminate determines your score. You also need to avoid other players' TNT boxes. If you accidentally collide with the TNT boxes, you will be removed and resurfaced immediately. You'll often find Nitro boxes alongside TNT ones. These boxes only explode if you hold them and hit another player. Furthermore, if you can use the nitro boxes to slaughter other players, you will earn additional points.

Racing: To complete this mini-game, you must compete in an automobile race. In the race, you must drive your automobile for five laps before the other three players. Take note that you can gather the speed booster to increase your driving speed or the bullet booster to shoot your enemies. If you hit your foes, they will faint and slow down.
PLAYER 1: Use the WASD keys to move around and leap.

PLAYER 2: Use the arrow keys to move around and jump.

Player 3: Use the IJKL to sprint and jump.

PLAYER 4: Use the TFGH to run and jump.

Stickman Crazy Box features two game types.

This game offers two game modes: quick game and tournament. The Quick Game option allows you to choose and play any of the 20 available mini-games individually. Tournament mode, on the other hand, pushes you to play at least three mini-games, resulting in a more complete and enjoyable gaming experience. The number of mini-games accessible in both modes guarantees that players have a diverse set of obstacles to face and enjoy. Gather your friends, immerse yourself in this game, and embark on an exciting journey filled with exhilarating mini-games and the satisfaction of winning. Also, don't forget to check out Undertale Yellow, an incredible game on our website.

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